Friday, May 10, 2013

Kayleah's 16th Birthday

As you know, according to my last post, I was heading over to my best friend Kayleah's house. We decided to head over to Little 5 Points, and had a ton of fun! There was even a festival the same day, which worked out perfectly!

Me and the birthday girl! Isn't she absolutely precious? I couldn't get over how cute she looked that day!
If you're wondering about my outfit, I tried to do something simplistic and cute! Everything I'm wearing is offbrand except for my purse, from F21.

And a funny little story, while we were walking back from the festival, I heard my name being shouted from nowhere! As I turned around I saw my good friend Laffi (@Serepuff) hangin' out of a car and waving to me! Sadly, I was leaving and she was just arriving so we barely got to say hi, but it was such a nice little surprise! (I love her so much huhuhu)

There was much more to my weekend, but that's the most important parts! Thank you so much for reading!

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