Friday, August 24, 2012

9/17 Order Arrived!

 Finally my order from Taobao came in! I ordered sometime around the end of June, and the communication was really good! Shipping price is insane, so I wouldn't recommend the site for people who are against expensive shipping LOL.
The package was really small, so I was a little afraid that they missed something, but luckily everything was in there! (or so I thought.)

Here's everything laid out. The packaging is really nice & orderly, & it gives me excitement unwrapping each item one by one.

This is my Liz Lisa skort replica. It's really cute, but the fabric is extremely hard to iron & the skort doesn't come with the suspenders like the others do, I'd probably rate this 6/10.

I also got some really adorable pleated shorts! They're really soft and made really well, but they're super long and poof out like a parachute. I find it a nice touch, but it really caught me off-guard. 7/10

Candy Stripper cat shirt replica. Precious, soft, but super wrinkly & hard to iron. 8/10

I honestly bought this dress on a whim, but I definitely don't regret it. The fabric is beautiful & flowy, and the inside feels like satin. It looks really good on as well! 10/10

WC shirt replica. Very legitimate looking. Fits me like a charm, and it goes well with a variety of outfits.  10/10

This is a backpack that I have been lusting over forever! It's huge, has tons of room, and a lot of pockets. Along with that, HELLO, it's a hedgehog bag! How cool is that? 10/10

Here are my accessories. The headband and clips are exactly like described, great quality as well. The only problem was that I ordered eye bows as well. What did I get instead? Silly bands. Seriously. I got silly bands instead of my eyeball bows... I was so overwhelmed with my other stuff that it didn't really bother me so I could care less but still; what?! 8/10

Overall I'm really lovin' all this stuff! The overall order wasn't too pricey, but the shipping added a lot as well. As you can see these items couldn't possibly weigh much right? Well, the shipping is EMS, which is based a lot on the weight of the items. So, all of my items were about $40 to ship. Crazy, yeah? It's not too bad though, because if you divvy it out, it only adds a little bit of money to each item, so it wasn't anything to upset me. Taobao is really great, I recommend it to people who are super devoted to online shopping and Japanese fashion. 

Peace! (。’▽’。)V♡