Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Adventure to Kayleah's House

Hello again! So after Kayleah's birthday weekend, I was still feeling like I hadn't seen her enough! My sister then proposed I go to stay at Kayleah's house when I went up to Atlanta on Monday. This was a perfect plan and I not only got to see her but someone else very important to me!

Outfit rundown:
Top: Offbrand
Pants: F21
Shoes: Ebay
Everything else: Offbrand (basically the majority of the stuff I wear!)

I tried a different makeup technique as well! I'd say it's ulzzang-esque because I used an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid eyeliner!

Once Kayleah got out of school, we headed to Perimeter Mall to do a bit of shopping and hanging out. We ate some yummy Chinese food followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream! I can't help but love eating so I might have even wanted a bit more....

Charlotte Russe was having a wonderful sale on shoes!! Me and Kayleah split the difference and I got these cute new heels. I've been wanting a pair of these for sooo long and I finally got my paws on them hua hua hua..

Then, on Tuesday, I went to hang out with someone else! I wore my Barbie shirt and DreamV shorts with my new shoes. I finally think I've tied this outfit together perfectly! (All thanks to the shoes..) I was supposed to get bubble tea this day but there was a change of plans : -(. I really hope I can get my bubble tea in soon because I've been craving it immensely! What's your favorite flavor? I like coconut...

(Apologies for a repetitive outfit, but I really love it!)

So I had a bit of fun going to the mall and such, I always wish I could stay longer though! 2 days just does not seem like enough time to be spending with my favorite people! 

Thank you for reading!

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