Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To: Online Wig Shopping

Wigs are pretty popular, right? Well yeah, I have a pretty sick obsession to wigs myself. However, I have never in my life spent more than $30 on a wig. There's no need to! On many common sites to shop for wigs you'll see something like a normal style wig for about $50. Let me tell you if this isn't real hair then there is no way that this is worth it!
There is a world you need to be familiar with, and that's the world of wholesale sellers. Wigs are made in factories and sold to wholesale sellers who will price them in large quantities to be sold to companies. These companies then are allowed to overprice the wigs way more than they're worth! 
Anyway, a common place to find wholesale wig suppliers are on Ebay. There are tons and tons of shops that sell wigs, let me show you how to find one:

First just type in whatever kind of wig you want

(if you're a huge cheapskate like me, you can always order price from least first)

Once you find a wig you like, check the feedback of the seller first! If it's above 99.3 then I think you should be good! I also like to check the amount of wigs sold from the seller so it must be popular and you won't get scammed as easily. (This is my thought process however) Then, you should be good to go!

(the link doesn't work, but if you type it into your browser it works just fine) 

 Though, some of you may feel like Ebay is a little risky, and sometimes I think that too! So there are other sites such as wig-supplier.com. I have used this site myself and I love the quality (and price) of the wigs! There are complaints about not getting a tracking number, but if you make sure that you're signed up before you buy your items, they'll email you the tracking number!

 Another site is wigisfashion.com. I haven't used this site but the wigs are a bit different from wig-supplier and they are in the same price range! I have known others to buy from this site and they say the quality is great.

NOTE: Yes, I'm sure you can use Taobao. However, when shipping adds up it's pretty expensive! They do have a wide selection of wigs though and I'd recommend it if there were no other options!

Thank you for reading! I hope this helped so you won't end up wasting a bunch of money on a wig that you can buy cheaper! 


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